MYLZ Meal Topper

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MYLZ Meal Topper - the perfect addition to your pup's daily meals! Made from real food, this meal topper is a unique combination of nutrition and "seasoning" to add flavor and variety to your dog's kibble, cooked food or raw meals.

What's in it?

From locally-raised bison, farm fresh egg yolks, wild salmon, novel proteins like kangaroo and more! Each meal topper is single or limited ingredient with no additives or preservatives, in other words they're junk-free!

We like to keep meals interesting with a rotating selection of flavors. Choose your flavour and sprinkle generously onto meals, add it to your homemade treats and pupsicles or a dash to licky mats for extra fun and nutrients. Feel good knowing that MYLZ meal toppers not only taste good but they're good for your pups too.

Make every bite count.