Fundraising with MYLZ Dog Treats 

Are you fundraising for your school, your team, an organization close to your heart?

Fundraising with MYLZ is a great way for people who buy from you to give back to their communities through your cause, to show love to their furry friends, while supporting a local business. 

You can fundraise for:

  • Sport teams (hockey, ringette, soccer, basketball, dance, gymnastics, curling, cheerleading, baseball etc.)
  • School fundraisers (field trips, domestic trips, international trips, extracurricular activities, special equipment, special events, special programs etc.)
  • Animal rescues
  • Not-for-profit organizatons
  • Clubs
  • Work/Corporate fundraisers for special causes etc.

What’s in it for you?
The opportunity to offer a new fundraising product -- healthy and tasty treats to our dogs who bring us and our families so much joy! We have a delicious assortment of treats: Bison Apple Coconut biscuits, Kangaroo Carrot or Bison Blueberry jerky, Wild Salmon, Sunshine Drops and more – for you to use to raise funds for your special cause or event.  It's a simple ordering process, lucrative margin on sales with delivery to your Edmonton organization. You can feel great about how your fundraising efforts contribute to your cause and help to connect and support your local community. 

We work with local organizations to help you raise funds and we have two options, in-person selling or online fundraising so you can reach anyone in Canada! Ask us about your options.

Ready to get started?

Contact us with your details:

Organization name, address, the organizer (first/last name, phone number, email), fundraising dates, and anything else you'd like to share about your cause and organization and any questions you have for us.

The team at MYLZ Treats is excited to help you achieve your fundraising goals.

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